Botox for Calves


Calf Reduction with Botox: Best Non-Surgical Treatment Beauty Preferences in Asia – Slender Legs: Non-Surgical Calf Reduction   Beauty ideals are subjective and can vary considerably from one culture to the next. In the West lean, toned bodies with accentuated muscle definition are considered healthy and beautiful. In Asian countries such as China, Japan and […]

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Post-Surgery: Aftercare for body VASER Liposuction

post surgery liposuction

VASER Liposuction  Post-Operative Instructions Taking care of yourself after the VASER liposuction surgery is every bit as important as the period before the surgery or during the procedure itself. Remember that in order to avoid permanent scarring and a fast recovery, your Doctor’s instructions are not to be trifled with. You must endeavor to speed […]

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Rhinoplasty: Know Before You Go

Rhinoplasty is the fourth most popular cosmetic surgical procedure done worldwide especially in Bangkok, Thailand. There are thousands of patients undergoing rhinoplasty at any given time in the world. You can be one of them. And with the right knowledge and a good cosmetic surgeon, you can well be on your way to achieving the […]

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Niran’s Amazing Hair Transformation Story

hair transplant

Niran is the ideal Thai young man. Healthy, smart, hardworking, and respectful to elders. Niran is also very handsome, or he would be if he didn’t have a distressing hair malady. Niran has an “M” shaped hairline or as it is known medically male hair pattern baldness. This awkward and ugly development makes his forehead […]

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