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Masterpiece Hospital

Thailand's only full-service cosmetic surgery hospital offering a variety of procedures from Liposuction to Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery) to Breast Augmentation and Everything in between.

At Masterpiece, we transform lives.

When a client contacted us, we know immediately that we are talking to someone with hopes and dreams.

Someone on the other end of the line is looking for an opportunity to fulfil their great ambition, increase confident, improve personality or just need to be noticed to display their true potential.

Most important is that they trusted us enough to contact us.

At Masterpiece Hospital, we fulfil those dreams and desires with our carefully selected team of qualified medical doctors and professionals.

Through cosmetic surgery, we transform lives everyday and everywhere.

Dr. Raweewat Maschamadol 

MD. / Founder of Masterpiece Hospital

Your Trusted Cosmetic Surgery Destination in Thailand

Be a Better You

Best Patient Comfort

Trust and safety form the basis of our approach - we greet each patient with the utmost esteem.

In-Depth Lab Reports

Our in-house lab offers fast access to detailed investigations

High Profile Doctors

Each of our team members is trained in a special field of medical and surgical activity.

High End Treatment

We offer excellent professional medical advice and the newest treatments at the highest standards

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Our Fields of Transformation

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Double Eyelid Surgery
  • Body Liposuction
  • Hair Transplant
  • Dream Transformation
  • Cheekbone & Jaw Reduction
  • Nose Reconstruction

The Most Recommended Breast Augmentation Program in Thailand

At Masterpiece Hospital, we understand that the decisions you make about breast implants are more involved than just choosing what cup size.  

Our team of experts and experienced surgical doctor will work closely with you to help you determine what size and type of breast implant would work best for you which includes:

  • Which position will be the most natural looking.
  • Where to make incisions to minimise scarring

Whether you’re interested in increasing breast size, restoring breast shape and volume that may have been lost due to pregnancy or weight fluctuations or correcting problems with current breast implants, we are here for you.  

Our Surgeons use the most advanced breast implants techniques to help you achieve a beautiful, balanced, and natural looking figure.

"Masterpiece Rhinoplasty" Improving Both Functional and Aesthetic Aspects Simultaneously

When one wishes to correct their nose line, one considers rhinoplasty to achieve a smooth and beautiful nose contour. 

However, for a more perfect nose formation, you need to improve not only the nose shown on the outside, but also the functions of the inside of the nose so that a perfect nose is possible.

Unlike others, Masterpiece Hospital focuses on improving everything all at once. 

Our sole mission when it comes to Rhinoplasty is to improve, correct, and beautify for the most perfect and beautiful nose just for you.

Liposuction that works like a charm

Are you tired of your heavy body that you are thinking to lose weight in as fast as possible?

We can help you.

We all wanted that perfect body curve, sexier side of us, and of course slimmer body and a lot of people today around the world are suffering from obesity which leads to many different kinds of diseases and illnesses.

Achieving that perfect body is now easier.

You don’t need to stress yourself with muscle pains and sleeping pills anymore.


The all new and painless liposuction surgery is ready to serve you. Bother no more about your belly fats, and excess fats in your body.

The procedure is 100% safe and result is immediate.

This is by far the best plastic surgery clinic that I've ever been. I will give them 6/5 if I can You get what you pay for! I've learnt my lesson from previous horrible experience with other clinic. The price might be higher compare to other PS clinic in bkk but it will worth all your money after all! Staff here are superb nice!! All the surgeons are honest and credible!!! I can't be anymore thankful Feel free to DM me if you have any question

-Janice Lim

Best service, responsible & friendly doctor, highly recommended.

-FooYip Yap

Our Team of Surgical Doctors

You can be good in many specialties but it’s hard to be exceptional at all. Each of our team members is trained in a special branch of medicine and surgical procedure.

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