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At Masterpiece Hospital, we understand that the decisions you make about breast implants are more involved than just choosing the size of the cup.  

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At Masterpiece Hospital, we understand that the decisions you make about breast implants are more involved than just choosing the size of the cup.  

Our team of experts and experienced surgical doctors will work closely with you to help determine which size and type of breast implant would work best for you. From the position that will increase your overall sex appeal to the size that will increase your confidence level.

Whether you’re interested in increasing breast size, restoring breast shape and volume that may have been lost due to pregnancy or weight fluctuations or correcting problems with current breast implants, we are here for you.  

Our Surgeons use the most advanced breast implants techniques to help you achieve a beautiful, balanced, and natural looking figure.

100% Safe

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


The Ideal Breast can be yours at Masterpiece Hospital. The perfect size, the perfect shape and the attractiveness they bring. It can be yours.

For some, small breast size can effect their self-confidence. Having breast augmentation can solve that problem.

For others, they just want to enhance their shape with the beautiful curves.

But most importantly, your safetiness should be considered on top of everything else

Consult experienced doctors at Masterpiece Hospital before making decision.

What We Offer

Round Implant

  • Suitable for people who wants more chest clarity
  • Silicone sphere Will increase the size which will make your breast look bigger and clearer than the drop of silicone
  • The silicone gel inside will be liquid than the drop of water.
  • Does not cause problems with rotation Therefore does not cause deformation
  • May see the top edge of the silicone clearly in the case of wearing a silicone too large Or a thin chest
  • Tear Drop Shape Implant

    • Suitable for people who want to look natural.
    • Water droplets will be produced in the form of a skin-only surface. Due to sticking to the tissue well, reducing the chance of silicone rotation
    • Can give a natural shape Suitable for people who do not want Supplemented in large quantities Or do not want to see the top of the hill too clearly
    • Suitable for people with small or medium sagging skin or breasts that will help to improve the chest shape.


    At Masterpiece Hospital, your breast can be balanced and more beautiful with a drop of silicone that looks more natural like a real chest than the general spherical chest material.


    The teardrop-shaped chest material designed by advanced technology will make the breasts look natural and beautiful. 

    Masterpiece Hospital has developed a method of chest surgery based on experience. And suitable for the body of the person (The size of the chest The shape of the chest and volume) makes the person who undergoes breast augmentation surgery more confident.


    We don't just focus on increasing the size of the chest. But we will look at the patient's bodyline And designed appropriately As well as increasing flexibility and volume to the chest.



    Premium Breast Funnel

    A totally a new technique that helps breast augmentation surgery, especially reducing swelling, small blisters, reducing infection rates. 

    Can insert silicone quickly, easily, without problems, reduce friction on the skin during insertion


    A mixture of 2 types of substances, namely fibrinogen and thrombin. 

    Which is extracted from the blood to mix together in a perfect proportion, will harden into jelly, use to close the wound that bleed to stop flowing effectively Imported from Austria And has been certified safe from the USA.

    Fibrin has properties like natural glue. Use surgical incision Can help the blood to stop flowing faster and more efficiently than usual As an aid to heal wounds for surgery, make the wound heal faster.


    Full HD endoscopy, allows for elaborate surgery and natural breasts Another unique characteristic is that it can feel the touch that is soft like a real chest.

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