Breast Augmentation changed me from Cup A to a stunning Cup D

Talking about my breast issues is a little painful and difficult for me. This is because I have a serious self-esteem problem, as a result, my breasts. First of all, I was more than 10 years old before even the faintest signs of my breasts made an appearance. That type of experience can do a lot of damage to a girl’s confidence. When finally I was an adult, I stayed a meager cup A. It was sad to see my friends with a good bosom and me the skinny, flat chested one. Needless to say, dressing myself for a date (when I could get one, yes guys noticed as you can imagine) was pure torture. Dresses just wouldn’t fit, not with nothing to hold them up. I wasn’t a happy gal, I can tell you now. Also, the absolute worst thing about it all is that I have a great personality; I am intelligent and genuinely care about people. So, my breasts were definitely keeping me from the life I could have.  My name is Lee and this is my story of depression to success through breast augmentation.

After I had a talk with a friend who had gone through breast augmentation surgery some time ago, I was finally ready. I was going to get the bosom I always dreamed about

My bosom didn’t look good at all

through surgery.  From the first decision, it was always going to be done at Masterpiece Hospital. My friend Mae had had her surgery there and was full of glowing tributes. I saw the scars from her surgery, and they were barely visible. I wanted that level of care myself. I quickly set up an appointment for a consultation, which wonderfully turned out to be – free!

Masterpiece Hospital
let’s take some photo in Masterpiece Hospital

At masterpiece hospital

Dr Tae was the Doctor assigned to my case at Masterpiece Hospital, and words can’t describe how considerate, professional, and cute also, he was! The whole consultation process was wonderful, and left me supremely confident that I was in the best hands.   

With Dr. Tae. It’s time to say goodbye to my flat chest!
With Dr. Tae. It’s time to say goodbye to my flat chest!

I had a photographic session done for me by a woman so I would be most comfortable. This is for both medical and record purposes. It also would be used to track my progress post surgery. I hen met Dr Rakh who would perform the actual procedure. He too was both kind and professional. He talked me through the process so I had nothing to worry about. The atmosphere was very relaxing for me.

Since my breasts were not perfectly symmetrical, the Doctor discussed the option of using two sizes of silicone implants for either breast, so they could be the same afterwards. Finally he decided to go with something between 350 and 375 cc, which would give me perfect Cup D breasts.

My evaluation ended o a pleasant note, and then I was prepped for some preliminary tests including complete blood work. This was for my safety. The procedure would utilize Mentor Siltex Silicone, and the scars would be hidden from view under the breasts.

Mentor Brand Silicone
Mentor Brand Silicone

Surgery Day

My surgery day arrived and I was very excited but also nervous. My surgery day routine ran like this:

  1. Arrived at Masterpiece Hospital
  2. Reported to medical records and signed the consent form
  3. More Pictures
  4. More tests to check for allergic reaction to anesthesia. (General anesthesia would be used )
  5. Got into comfortable hospital gowns and went to the waiting room.


The nurses admitted me to the operating room, and made me quite comfortable. One nurse hung a picture of my new breasts where I could see them. They explained and showed me where the doctor would cut. Anesthesia was given to me, and I looked at the picture as I fell asleep.

 I woke up and had new breasts! Yaaay!
I woke up and had new breasts! Yaaay!

Post Surgery

I woke up feeling very groggy. The nurse helped me sit and asked me to feel my chest with both hands. I had breasts! I couldn’t really say much because I was so sleepy. I was not feeling any pain at all. Still the effects of the anesthesia I guessed. That would come later. The nurse then helped to wrap the supporting bandages around me. I would wear that for some time after to help support the breasts. I got my medication and was allowed to go home.

 I am now a cup D girl!
Yaaayyy! I am now a cup D girl!

At home

You need to take care of yourself after surgery. The most important thing to remember is to make sure your support garment, or bandage is always well positioned. You would not need to clean the wound as he nurses will do that on your follow up visits to the hospital. You also need to pace yourself, especially in the immediate few days following surgery.

You will need to avoid physical activity and anything strenuous for the time being while you heal. It helps if you don’t agitate your new breasts too much at this time. The support garment will help you accomplish this.

Use your support garments
Use your support garments instead of usual under garment

At work, I feel comfortable and happy with my new appearance

One month after my surgery and I am back to follow up with Dr Tae once more. He inquired about my symptoms and healing progress. He also was kind enough to ask about my mental well-being. I was very happy with both my progress and my look and I told him so.

The doctor advised that I could begin gentle massage of the breasts. The looked and felt good; big, but not too big, just perfect. They had a beautiful curvature and I loved the way they fit. I was wearing a lovely silk undergarment for the first time and it looked awesome

# Cup D girl

before-after breast augmentation

I was truly happy and grateful for my whole experience at Masterpiece Hospital. The pain level especially was incredible. From day one, pain was very manageable and on the low side. I would get some stiffness when I raised or stretched my arms but that was it.      That grew less and less stiff as time went on, and I look forward to no stiffness or discomfort at all after a few months.

My breasts also feel completely natural and are the exact perfect fit for my body structure. Dressing up is a lot of fun these days, and I wonder how I ever managed to wear great dresses as a cup A girl. Well, I am a cup D now and loving it!


Getting my new breasts through breast augmentation surgery at Masterpiece hospital has been a long and exciting adventure. My doctors and other staff at Masterpiece are of course a big part of why the entire journey is so pleasurable and memorable for me.

I would not hesitate to recommend both the Hospital and its personnel to anyone intending to carry out this or any other cosmetic procedure. Masterpiece Hospital also performs Liposuction surgeries of different kinds to deal with fat surgically, Rhinoplasty or nose surgery, hair transplantation and many other cosmetic surgical interventions.

Like I was, you would be in good hands with Masterpiece Hospital.