A lip lift simultaneously reduces the space between the upper lip and nostrils while also augmenting the size of the lips. By raising the skin, the subnasal or “bull-horn” lip lift increases the amount of lip show by exposing and rolling up the lip. This method, known for the bull-horn shaped incision directly under the nose, can also address innate lip asymmetries and give patients an overall refreshed, younger appearance.

In short: It's a permanent surgical procedure to increase the amount of pink lip you see, helping lips look youthful and full. The procedure takes less than an hour—sometimes even twenty minutes—and is performed under anesthesia.

Technically speaking, lip lifts require that a cosmetic surgeon remove a cup of tissue from beneath your nose. The scar is hidden right underneath the nose, in a squiggly line almost shaped like a bullhorn.

The scarring isn't anything to worry about: according to Devgan, it’s nicely hidden in the shadow underneath your nose.

Who is the Bull Horn Lips Lift for?

  • An individual with uneven distance between nose and upper lips.
  • An individual with sagging upper lips skin.


1. The doctor will design and determine the size of the corner of the mouth to be cut.

2. Anesthesiologist used anesthesia to put patient to sleep (10-15 minutes)

3. The doctor then cut off the excess skin and perform procedure according to the designed.

4. The doctor then close the surgical wounds then cut suture 7 days after the procedure.

The sub nasal lip lift targets candidates with long upper lips in reference to the non-red portion of the lip below the nose. This lip lift causes the red lip to roll outwardly achieving a more youthful, "fuller" look. This lift can also be used to create a wider smile, increasing tooth show.


  • Inform your doctor of your health condition, medical history or medical allergy or food allergy.
  • In case of risk for immune deficiency and health condition affecting the wound healing and infection, inform your doctor of your medical allergy in order to avoid the risk.
  • Consult the doctor before surgery if taking blood thinner or any medicines affecting blood coagulation.
  • Stop taking vitamin and supplement e.g. Vitamin E, fish oil, grapeseed oil, ginkgo extract, ginseng extract, at least 1 month before surgery.
  • No smoking at least 4 weeks before and after surgery as the chemicals in the cigarette affect the oxygen level in blood, resulting in slow healing or infection.
  • Prepare your mind and do not be panic. There will be some swelling and bruising around the wounds and your face will be changed. Wound healing and getting used to new appearance take time. Wearing sunglasses after surgery is recommended.




The doctor will design according to the position and width of the skin to be cut.


The anesthesiologist put patients to sleep (Wait for the medicine to work about 10-15 minutes)


The doctor performed a surgery to remove the excess skin. By cutting a curve along the shape of one nostril to the other nostril (approximately 3-4 millimeters).


The doctor will close the surgical wound. The suture will be cut 7 days after the surgery.


No wearing of any kind of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings on the body on the day of surgery.


The first day should sleep with a high pillow or head elevated. The lips should be cold compress during the first 48 hours after surgery to reduce swelling. There may be swelling, bruising after surgery for 3-5 days and then gradually reduce within for 2-4 weeks.


In case of bleeding at the wound, use the gauze to press on the surgical wound for 5 – 10 minutes and then clean the surgical wound with saline and light moistened cloth.


Avoid touching the surgical wound and should not widely open mouth for 2-3 weeks.


No smoking at least 2 weeks after surgery as the chemicals in the cigarette affect the oxygen level in blood, resulting in slow healing or infection.


The doctor will make an appointment to follow up 7 days and 1 month respectively.

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