Cheekbone Reduction: other choice for people who want a slimmer face

“Cheekbones” are the important feature located at the center of the face. They are another physical attribute that reveals people’s characteristics. Ideal looks for men is having high bony cheekbones with little fat in the cheek area, for women a little bit high cheekbones makes for a sweet facial appearance. For women with prominent cheekbones it gives them a less feminine appearance. The face looks harsh and not sweet, and several women with this look are unhappy about their appearance.

Candidate for cheekbone reduction

The patients who may find cheekbone reduction suitable include those with excessively prominent front cheekbones, wide cheekbone and disproportionate or unbalanced facial structure. Some people may have a sunken area under the cheekbones. As for the expected results, the procedure can remove or correct bone protrusions, making the facial line look sleeker, slimmer, softer, and more attractive.

Advantage for Cheekbone Reduction Procedure

  • Change cheekbones position to be symmetry for a better and more beautiful facial shape.
  • Result in a more defined and smaller face.
  • Get a natural beautiful facial look result

How to do cheekbone reduction surgery

As mentioned above, cheekbone reduction surgery is divided into 2 types, as followings:- 1. Gridding method – this type of cheekbone reduction surgery is less complicated than the 2nd method. Since, cheekbone itself is not very thick, the gridding method providing to reduce cheekbones is not very much.
If the surgeon refracts the cheekbones too much, it is dangerous. After surgery, reduce the cheekbones with the gridding method, it does not see much effect. Except, the patient has a very thick cheekbone, which their results are clearer than the patient has thin cheekbone. 2. Cutting method – this type of cheekbone reduction surgery is need surgery from a very experienced surgeon. Because of this type of cheekbone reduction surgery is a major surgery and more complicated, therefore, patient must be thoroughly done physical examination, including x-ray before surgery, it is to plan in detail for surgery