Eyebrow Lift surgery made me more beautiful

Hello…Hi .. Hola .. Nĭ hăo .. Bonjour .. Annyeong. I am able to speak in different languages because I’m a flight attendant. I love my job because it creates a good opportunity for me to meet different people and have the chance to learn different languages. That aside, I’m really excited to do this review about how I got a perfect eyebrow lift that I have always wished for in Masterpiece Hospital.

As an Asian woman, one of the problems we do encounter and have on our face is that of the ‘upper eyelid crease’. I personally refer to it as a ‘problem’ because having it can sometimes make life difficult for us. This is nothing new to us. If you are Asian, you will perfectly understand me well.

The upper eyelid crease can differ according to the individual. One can have the absent eyelid crease,  partial eyelid crease, multiple eyelid creases, tapering eyelid crease, tapering eyelid crease with literal flare or the parallel eyelid crease. Whichever upper eyelid crease the person may have, one thing is certain, the upper eyelid of your eyes is affected. It’s either your upper eyelid is going inward at the top or at the corner of your eyes.

Many Non-Asians may not know that this is considered a problem for us. Whenever they see an Asian, they can easily identify us and if asked how, they simply say ‘the eyes’.  Don’t get me wrong, our eyes as Asians makes us stand out from the crowd but sometimes, it could affect our lives when we get older.

My Life and My Job

Like I stated before, I’m a flight attendant and my job requires so much from me. From being nice to strangers, with constant smiling to having a sparkling appearance, great attractive personality and being energetic all the time. This is because we meet people of all races on the plane and also have great chances of learning different languages: this is the more reason I love my job! 

In maintaining a perfect appearance as a flight attendant, my face is the first thing strangers look at when they approach me.

They can tell if the questions they are asking or the request they are making irritates you. When they notice slight negative changes on your face, there is a chance of reporting you to your superiors and this might attract sanctions. So I try my best to always be happy and have an approachable and attractive face.

But one thing that keeps preventing me from excelling at my duties as a flight attendant is my upper eyelid crease. The problem with my eyelid makes me look way older than my age and makes my face to have a sad appearance. Many times, I tried to lighten and brighten my face up with heavy makeup but there are certainly some things that make-up on the face can’t fix. With my upper eyelid crease, I try my best to put on a smiling face always because if I don’t,  my face will look fierce. But sometimes even when smiling, the eyes still look sad. It was quite disturbing.

The more my eyelids go inward, the more I have bags under my eyes, making it worn out and have a mean look. I don’t want this because I want to impress our guests and customers who use our airlines. If our airline’s customers see that we, the flight

attendants, do not have a friendly appearance that is approachable, they will not be impressed with us. And chances are that they may not fly with us again.

Trying to solve my present problem then, I begin to look for the best way to resolve the eyelid issue. That was when I discovered Masterpiece hospital.

Going to Masterpiece hospital

I did so much research on the hospitals who specialize in upper eyelid crease and I chose Masterpiece hospital as the place to solve my problem. From my research, the hospital had great reviews from real people who have treated similar cases to mine, as well as others.  I read reviews on reviews and saw the quality of work they had done. I was quite eager to have my issue fixed too because I believe that if they weren’t good, many people won’t have continued to go there.

They have doctors who are specialized in cosmetic body enhancement surgeries of various kinds. Furthermore, each one of their medical team is very talented and experienced in their own way. If given a list of cases; the list of cases that has been performed here would be about 10 times higher than the one done in any other facility around the world.

I got the day of my appointment with the doctor for consultation fixed. And on that day, I went to the hospital and waited in the queue because the doctor had other patients too.  Not long after, it was my turn and I went in to see the doctor. I met with Dr. Walop, such a nice man.

In the consultation room, Dr. Walop was determined to check my face to see what my problem was all about. I explained my problem to him to which he listened attentively without restrictions. He complimented me and said I had beautiful eyes 🙂  But sometimes the eye levels and the gap between the eyebrows makes the eyes look quite narrow, making my eyes look sad and not bright as it should be.

He performed a good examination on my eyes. He also analyzed and evaluated my eyes and concluded that what I would be needing is to ‘raise the eyebrows’. I was kind of confused because I have never heard of it before. But the good doctor was kind to explain well.

He said that raising the eyebrows is a process whereby there is an Increase in the gap between the eyebrows and the eyes. This was to make the face more proportionate because the gap between the eyebrows and the good eye is 1 centimeter. By raising the eyebrows, the eyes will look beautiful, rounder, grow and increase in areas to enable people to see the eye clearly.

After explaining, I understood all he said and I agreed to raise the eyebrows as the doctor had advised. I trusted him because I felt he was a specialist and more knowledgeable about this than I.

On the day of the surgery

I went to the Masterpiece clinic on the day I was to have the surgery. On arriving there,  I had to queue again because there was a lot of people who had come to have their surgeries as well or have a consultation with the doctor.

ก่อนผ่าตัดยกคิ้ว ที่ masterpiececlinic

I ate an easily digestible food to prepare the body before the surgery because I was ready.

When it came to my turn, I put on my operating gown and the doctor sketched my eyebrows in on the par he will be working on. And in no time, the surgery was done lasting about 1 hour. I didn’t go home immediately but was advised to wait for one hour again at the hospital so my body could rest before going home, which I did. This is among the many things I admire about the hospital, they really care a lot.

คุณหมอเชี้ยว และ คุณแป้ง
มาร์คจุด ผ่าตัดยกคิ้ว

After the surgery

Before I left, the doctor advised me seriously on how to care for my eyes. He told me to be careful, not to bend or be too tough on myself because I was still in a delicate condition. He also gave me medication recommended for me and instructed me not to fail in taking it. I did as instructed.

After 2-3 days of the surgery, the pain and bruises were less severe though still there.  However, it was noticeable that my eyebrows and eyes were not attached to each other as they were before.

On the 4th-7th day, I was fully recovered but still had little pain and a few bruises.  It was not so bad because I was able to have some makeup on. Lol

On the 14th day, every pain and bruise was completely gone and the changes in my eyes were becoming more noticeable. After about 1 month, there was a huge change. Even looking at me from afar, you will see my eyelids unlike before when they seemed to be hidden.

My face is bright, beautiful and looks more like that of a young child. I can comfortably do my job well and even my smiles are charming.

This surgery was very good for me. I’m so happy that I made up my mind towards this. I now look happier than before. If you are in the same situation as I was before, you can come to the Masterpiece Hospital. They are one of the best and have good caring doctors.

Though the doctor may not resolve your upper eyelid crease problem by raising your eyebrows, they will find a perfect solution for you cause they believe everyone is unique in their own way. Just explain to them what your problem is and they will recommend he best solution for you. Thanks, everyone.