Ploy gets a Sleek New Look using Browlift surgery and Facial Liposuction

Ploy Praew was not a happy young woman. She had serious bagginess under her eyes, lines on the upper eyelids, and they made her look unattractive, always tired and wrinkled.

They also contributed to making her look old. Bagginess in the lower eyelids and excess skin or fat in the upper can make you look a little less charming than you would like. In older people, excess skin on the upper eyelids can impair vision also. 

The look around her eyelids made Ploy have to resort to heavy makeup in order to hide the lines above her eyes and the bagginess under her eyes. This she had to do every time she needed to go out.

Ploy wanted to deal with both eyelids in both eyes for a better, younger look. She also had a bit of extra face fat along her lower jaw line which did not give her the sleek, thin look she had always admired in other girls and especially in celebrities and film and music stars.

Ploy had tried Botox several times in the past but had become dissatisfied with the results and the need to repeat the injections again and again.  She wanted a permanent solution that would also work better.

After doing some findings out with friends and online, Ploy decided on having both problems dealt with surgically.

That would require a brow lift procedure as well as facial liposuction. The issue then was: where was the best place to have the procedure done safely and efficiently?

Ploy’s friend Nam had previously had successful cosmetic surgery at Masterpiece Hospital and immediately recommended the Hospital. Masterpiece Hospital has a great reputation for beauty enhancement through medical procedures. Each year Masterpiece Hospitals undertakes hundreds of cases requiring breast augmentation surgery, Rhinoplasty or Nose surgery, Vaser and traditional Liposuction, Hair Transplantation, and brow lifts.   

Ploy soon booked an appointment for a consultation at Masterpiece Hospital. Ploy’s intended facial liposuction and brow lift were assigned to
Dr. Walop who did the first consultation.  Ploy told the Doctor about her problems and asked what she could do about it. At first, she decided that she might not be interested in both eyelids being done. Dr. Walop examined her face and advised that both eyelids needed to be done, lower and upper. This was because Ploys eyelids did not look the same, and were not identical.  Also, her eyebrows appeared to be too close to her eyes, lower than they should be normally. This gave her a glowering look as if she was always angry. The doctor decided that surgery on both eyes would correct this anomaly.

BEFORE  The eyebrow is not the same and the look is not attractive

Further, Dr. Walop also recommended that facial liposuction in parts of her face would help to give Ploy a more slender and symmetrical look. Ploy’s low hanging eyebrows had a fierce look which made her look older than her 26 years. Especially when she smiled, the bagginess under her eyes became pronounced, resulting in a pinched and not always pleasant appearance.

Liposuction would also help to get rid of the slightly rounded shape of Ploy’s face, making her sleeker in appearance. The Doctor went on to explain the technique that would be used. The liposuction and Browlift would help to pull up Ploy’s face, widen her eyebrows and eyes, making the eyes look bigger, brighter and more attractive. The Liposuction would use a special new technique that would leave no visible scar as the scar would be hidden under Ploy’s hair.  A tiny tube would be used to access the face fact, and the resulting small wound would heal quickly.

Ploy was both impressed with Dr. Walop’s efficiency and his taking his time to explain in exhaustive detail all about the procedures to be used. She also noticed that overall, the entire staff of Masterpiece Hospital was friendly, professional, and definitely expert in their field.

Ploy was ready to do the surgeries and agreed to do it. Pre-surgery procedures were completed in a couple of days, and then it was time to do the surgery proper. The Doctor began with the liposuction procedure first.  He decided on Vaser method of liposuction which is an improved technique involving the initial preparation of the fat deposits using high frequency sound. The resulting procedure is less invasive or painful, and leaves less bruising. Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.

After Ploy’s face had been prepared for liposuction by Vaser, a tiny incision was made and a tiny cannula or the was inserted into the fatty emulsified fat deposit under the skin. The face fat was then sucked out in areas selected during the consultation and examination.  Ploy says that she was not at all apprehensive about any part of the surgery. The Doctor administered local anesthesia to Ploy and the procedure was painless and comfortable.

The Browlift procedure was done under the same IV sedation and took about 1-2 hours. The procedure was also only slightly painful and was not at all uncomfortable.  Ploy’s bagginess was removed by getting rid of the excess skin above and below the eyes.

After the surgeries, Ploy noticed a difference immediately though her face was still swollen. The Doctor assured her that the swelling would slowly go down and then disappear. It was recommended that ice compresses could be applied on the swellings to make them come down faster. Also, dry eyes are common after eye lift procedures. The doctor also prescribed an eye drop that would simulate tears. The condition is certainly normal one or two weeks after surgery. The patient will need to consult the doctor if dry eyes persist after two weeks.

Ploy had to wear a supporting bandage under her chin after the liposuction for a few days. This is to get the maximum effect from liposuction and avoid sagging of loose skin. The skin will heal totally after about 2-3 months.

She also experienced some pain in the head as well as swollen eyes. Ploy endured everything because she wanted to get great results. She also did everything the doctor asked her to do post-surgery.

Some swelling and pain is normal a few days after surgery

The surgeries indeed helped to give Ploy’s eyebrows a lift, rid her of the bags under her eyes, and give her face a sleeker, cleaner look. Since her eyebrows were in a normal position, she no longer had the glowering angry look her friends had always known her for. Her face became pleasant and cheerful.

Ploy was required to do periodic checks up with her doctor at intervals after the surgery. Two weeks after the procedure, most of the swelling was gone and she could open her eyes wider without pain. After a month, she was far better, and two months after, she went back for a routine check-up with the doctor. Her doctor said her face was good, and the eyes will be totally normal in 3 months.

AFTER Everything looks fine and symmetrical.

Ploy says, “Six months later, I am very happy that I went to Masterpiece Hospital and had my browlift and facial liposuction. I can recommend he Masterpiece Hospital, their

doctors, and their techniques for anyone with a problem like mine. Now it doesn’t matter if I remember to wear heavy makeup or not as I don’t need it anymore. My appearance

is every bit like the slender girl celebrities I admire so much. Masterpiece Hospital is really good at what it does and will definitely go back there if I need any other thing done for my appearance. ”

Ploy is very happy with her new, sleek look