Niran’s Amazing Hair Transformation Story

hair transplant

Niran is the ideal Thai young man. Healthy, smart, hardworking, and respectful to elders. Niran is also very handsome, or he would be if he didn’t have a distressing hair malady. Niran has an “M” shaped hairline or as it is known medically male hair pattern baldness. This awkward and ugly development makes his forehead jut out in a most unusual fashion. It makes the 25-year-old Niran look at least 15 years older than he really is.

Says Niran, “I think this came from my genes. My uncle experienced the same thing, and I also have a cousin whose forehead is shaped like an M. However, they are both well above 45 years old. My problem seems t have come to me at too young an age.”

Generally Thai youths of both genders are known for their sublime beauty, and the local tourist trade hinges a lot on foreigners visiting the country to see the beautiful works of Art and culture, and also the people themselves. Thailand vales beauty amongst its citizens too.

Niran says he often faced some teasing from friends and colleagues at work, and sometimes even shock and consternation at work and walking on the streets.

One old lady didnt believe me when I told her I was just twenty four years old. This was last year. I assured her I was really 24, but she kept insisting I was at least 40. Many people around were laughing but I didnt feel it was so funny myself.”

Niran has also missed several job related opportunities that have an age limit to them. “Once the age limit is below 35, I usually have a problem. I have to prove my age by showing documentation, and even then it isn’t always all right. One interviewer looked at me like I was carrying forged documents. It is very frustrating.”

The hair problem Niran has resulted in a long fruitless search for something that would help. Niran tried everything from shampoo, serum, treatment, herb to medication, and so on. Nothing worked … until a friend heard about the Masterpiece Hospital Hair Transplantation surgery and suggested it to Niran.

Niran contacted Masterpiece Hospital and was booked for a first examination. “The atmosphere at the hospital was very cheerful,” Niran recalls, “very technological and futuristic but also warm and comfortable.” The Masterpiece Doctors examined the young man and were able to devise a special treatment plan that would utilize hair transplantation medical technology to regrow all of Niran’s damaged hairline.

Hair pattern baldness or in Niran’s case “M” inclined hairline growth is a fairly common phenomenon especially in older people at the onset of balding. It is not so common to see the same in youth as young as Niran. Masterpiece Hospital’s Cosmetic enhancement program is, however, able to look at each individual case and judge and diagnose it according to its challenges.

The Cosmetic enhancement program also includes Liposuction, Rhinoplasty (nose surgery), as well as Breast Augmentation (implant) surgery.

At Masterpiece Hospital the very latest medical intervention technologies are used to meet all patients’ medical cosmetic enhancement needs. We understand that what we do is very important to the lives and wellbeing of patients and everything is done to make sure our techniques are as non-invasive as possible. We efficiently take care of the problem without fundamentally changing who you are.

Niran’s hair transformation story continued past the examination and diagnosis stage to actual hair transplantation surgery.

Says Niran, “I was really excited to see what the Doctors could do for me at Masterpiece Hospital using their hair transplantation treatment plan. I had been given the opportunity to see other successful hair transplantation procedures. Some before and after pictures were so different, it was just amazing. I had hopes the same could be done for me. I trusted the Doctors implicitly and was a little impatient really to see what happened next.”

Hair transplantation is normally a procedure lasting anywhere from 6-12 hours, depending on the patient’s peculiar hair condition and requirements. It is a detailed surgical procedure demanding skill, technology, and expert knowledge.


Niran’s M shaped hairline was mapped and a plan developed to seed hair as naturally as possible along his original hairline. The new hairline is designed to match his facial structure, using hair follicles harvested from donor sites around his body, thereby ensuring that they are the exact color tone to Niran’s original head hair. The procedure requires only a mild local sedative, although there can be some minimal pain and bleeding. Strip harvesting was decided to be the best harvesting technique under the circumstances.

After some hours, the surgery was successfully finished. Niran now had a beautiful hairline that was natural, self-sustaining and genetically resistant to balding. It took another 2 weeks for full recovery as well as removal of the stitches used. The procedure proved to be minimally invasive, leaving no visible scars both on the donor sites as well as on the new hairline.

Since Niran’s hairline was contained in a relatively small area, there was a need for only the single session.

Donor sites are usually back of the head,
   which is genetically immune to baldness

Niran’s new hair and new hairline are indistinguishable from his original M shaped hairline, and have integrated seamlessly and naturally.

“I can’t believe what I see in the mirror now,” Niran says with a huge smile, “this has made a tremendous difference in my life and in my work. The Doctors and technicians at Masterpiece Hospital are really miracle workers. The technology works well, and there was very little pain or discomfort. It was also affordable when you look at the benefits of the treatment. It also healed very fast, and there was just an insignificant scar that is well covered. I am happier now than I can say. I am confident, and look forward to the future.”

After Hair Transplant Surgery

Niran is of course no longer mistaken for a much older person. If anything, strangers are frequently complimenting his appearance and youthful demeanor. Opportunities that are age related will expectedly cease to be a problem as well.

Hair transplantation surgery is applicable to a great number of hair related problems and diagnosis. Procedures such as this as well as other cosmetic enhancement surgeries at Masterpiece Hospital give patients a chance to live their lives on their own terms, correcting genetically engendered abnormalities or lifestyle generated health and appearance challenges and issues.

Niran advises, “You must take control of your own life. If you have an image problem that requires medical intervention at acceptable risks, you need to consider the benefits to you. I live a much happier and fulfilled life right now because of the decisions I took to end my hair problems. My life is really different now.”

Masterpiece Hospital is in the business of transforming lives through careful, expert medical technology enabled surgeries. Our success rate is remarkable and we have consistently recorded inspiring testimonials from very satisfied customer/patients. Niran’s amazing transformation story is only one case in hundreds that demonstrate our commitment to patient care and wellness in a responsible manner.