11 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Vaser Liposuction

First of all, we may all have heard about Liposuction in general. Liposuction has been around for decades and is a medical procedure used to rid the body of unwelcome fat deposits, especially around the stomach, buttocks, thighs, neck and other areas inclined to store fat.

However, medical science has gone a step farther with the Liposuction technique with the introduction of VASER Liposuction, which as a medical intervention procedure has recorded commendable results. What exactly is Body VASER Liposuction? To begin with, VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. The main difference with traditional Liposuction techniques is the initial preparation of the fat deposits to be removed via VASER.

Pre-Surgery: (Preparation for body VASER Liposuction)

1. Research the procedure first and find out if VASER liposuction is really a good fit for you

Bearing your particular health and physical condition in mind. You must also remember that to keep the benefits of VASER liposuction or indeed any liposuction procedure, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

2. Make up your mind about the procedure

The benefits of VASER Liposuction can sometimes be achieved through judicious eating habits, exercise and generally living well. Only choose VASER when you think it is the best option for you.

3. Talk to your doctor who is a VASER Lipo specialist

Please be sure you get a good one. Inform your doctor of your overall health condition, relevant medical history, allergies if you have any and if you have done any type of liposuction procedure before. Honesty is the best policy here, and you need not be ashamed of anything. The answers you give will help the doctor make a good, informed decision concerning whether you should proceed or not.

4. Some medications you will be advised to refrain

Depending on individuals, there are some medications you will be advised to refrain from using 1-2 weeks before VASER liposuction. Some of these are, but are not limited to:




Vitamin E,

Fish Oil,

Ginkgo Extract or

NSAIDS such as Voltaren, Brufen.

You might als need to desist from taking alchohol 1-2 days before the procedure.

Smoking should also be abstained from at least 1 week before your VASER liposuction procedure.

Anemic patients may be required to take some iron supplements 2 weeks or more prior to the procedure.

Women on some sort of contraceptives may be required to stop usage 2 weeks or more prior to the surgery.

5. You are to prepare your body for the procedure

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Relax as much as possible. Wash your hair, be happy. It could also help if you have a close friend or relative with you prior to, during, and immediately after the procedure.

6. Remember to leave all cosmetics and jewelry at home

They don’t snag the tubes or cause interference. Also, take off any contact lens or any cosmetic enhancement like studs or earrings. Endeavor to be free and unencumbered on the day of your surgery. Finally, you need to be wearing your most comfortable clothing, which can easily be taken off or put on. Nothing too tight must be worn so you are truly relaxed. The procedure will still be uncomfortable despite the anesthetics and you don’t want to add to your discomfort. 

7. Patients must inform the doctor about their condition

Patients with blood clotting medical issues or those who are slow in healing must inform the doctor about their condition. If you have any condition that impairs your immunity, for instance, you might be at higher risk through VASER liposuction. Diseases such as coronary artery disease and diabetes generally will rule you out as a candidate for liposuction. However, let your Doctor know this and make the final decision.

8. What to avoid before your Vaser Liposuction

Some Doctors will require that you do not take in food and drink 1-8 hours before the procedure. You need to listen seriously to the nurse on the station and obey instructions. This, however, applies usually to patients who will be under general anesthetics. If your procedure is limited to a small area, the expert might choose instead to use local anesthetics on you. In either case, you need to adhere strictly to all instructions given to you by the nurse.

9. The Doctor will require that you undergo a number of tests

They will require that you undergo a number of tests such as CBC, PT, PTT tests some days to the procedure. Please do not miss out on any as they are important. This would also be a good time to tell your Doctor if you react to lidocaine, which is the usual anesthetic agent used in liposuction surgery.

10. You must be at least 18 years old to access Vaser Liposuction

Candidates for liposuction generally should be 18 years and older. Older patients, i.e. those 45 years will require further examinations to determine physical state and health conditions. The Doctor may also insist on a full medical checkup and or consultation with your usual Doctor.

11. Liposuction of any kind is a serious surgical procedure

Patients must listen and adhere strictly to instructions and directives of the medical personnel in charge before, during and after the procedure.