Becoming my six-pack dream model through belly six-pack Liposuction

As a man many of us dream of that perfect body physique, we dream of that 6-pack that we see in most of our role models in the magazines, in the entertainment industry, the billboards or in the television and also on social media.

This body physique is what makes us feel fit and also blend well into society.  Six packs are mostly loved by everyone, whether they are teens, young adults and even older adults who still want to stay in shape- and of course also the ladies!  With a 6 pack, you don’t have to worry about stomach fat … or being without a date on Friday night.

It is also about how it looks whenever you wear your favorite shirt. Also having a six pack makes you feel healthy and escape the judgment of society if you are obese or overweight.

Let’s just say a 6 pack is that icon of being a fit that a young man in all races desires, without any specification or preference.  When you are with your peers or age mates you won’t be afraid to be termed obese or unhealthy.  You can easily pull off your shirt without having everyone staring at your stomach fat.

There are some people who are lucky to have the kind of body physique that no matter how little they tend to exercise, they are quick to see their six packs but for some no matter how you exercise, the muscles never come.  Even if it ends up showing, it takes like years of hard work to see one or two of those abs on your front.  If you have the patience you can keep trying for years to have your desired 6 packs but for some, who don’t have the patience to see the results of exercise, or who have kept trying but have not seen the change they sought for, there are other ways to get it.


About Me

Looking at my previous pictures you can tell that I was an obese kid when I was young.  I’ve always been looked at as that young man who would not grow up having that perfect, toned stature because I had fat all over my body. Then it was quite sad. 

Sometimes they could be stigmatization from people because when they look at you they think that you are always obsessed with food and stuff like that. I grew up looking at many pictures of my role models in the social media, television and wished to have the kind of body physique they did.  Where I can freely show off my body without being excessively worried that anyone would judge me about the amount of fat I had in my stomach.

Most times I even found it difficult wearing particular clothes because I felt it might not give me that perfect fitting as I’ve seen it on others. To even eat some particular foods was most times uncomfortable. I always check if this particular food or that will give me more fat than I already have on my body and tend to shy away from any that will.

The excessive selection was too much and I wasn’t having it. One thing I have come to realize is that being obese does not necessarily mean that the person is eating too much or obsessing about junk food. It could be genetically induced and it could be environmentally contributed too. For some, having a certain illness might have contributed to it. Though, one thing is for sure obesity is quite risky to the human body.

I had surgery to reduce the excess fat in my body and I am not regretting the decision I made.
Many people might be going for the gym to reduce theirs but looking at my body and how it is structured I believed that surgery was my solution. So I had surgery to rid myself of my body fat.

Looking at some of my before and after photos, you can tell the huge difference between how I looked then and how I look after the first surgery. I was quite happy with myself, and the results I got through Liposuction of my body fat. But after the surgery, I still had one persisting problem which is my stomach fat.

Looking at some of my before and after photos you can tell the huge difference between how I looked then and how I look after the first surgery. I was quite happy with myself, and the results I got through Liposuction of my body fat. But after the surgery, I still had one persisting problem which is my stomach fat.

I tried many ways to get rid of it by exercising regularly but it wasn’t going off. No reduction whatsoever no matter how or what I tried.


I wanted to have six packs.  Looking at my body I felt it was the only thing missing to have that desired body structure.  That Body that can fit into most of my clothing and I would be able to truly and freely display my abdomen without having to hide it under any items of clothing.

Whenever I was going out taking pictures or with a group of friends, I always hide my stomach by wearing clothing which covers it totally. 

Since I had undergone many surgical experiences previously, I knew the only thing I had to do was to perform  liposuction surgery on y stomach. That is, a situation whereby the doctor would remove excess fatty tissues from under the skin of my stomach by suction.
I had a similar experience with it because that was part of what was conducted on me when I had the surgery that removed most of the excess fat on the other parts of my body.

Doing the surgery

I studied a lot about it and also consulted my doctor, Dr. Chayu of Masterpiece hospital. I explained to him that I wanted the fat in my stomach reduced and also to replace it with 6 packs if possible. He understood what I meant. I must truly thank him for being such an understanding doctor.

He listened to me when I made my choices without interruptions or objections.  He did not wave the idea aside, and neither did he see it as unrealistic or impossible.

Six pack liposuction

Considering that the surgery was quite a different one,  he had a long talk with Dr. Keng. They discussed the possibility of having liposuction surgery with six packs.

Six pack liposuction

 The long discussion wasn’t in vain; the doctors performed the surgery which resulted in a quite satisfactory result.


I was very satisfied with the surgery after it was done.  I was also very satisfied with how considerate the doctors were.

After the surgery

After the surgery, I was instructed to be very careful because the abdomen was still quite tender. I was told to always visit the hospital in the first week because I needed a proper checkup and to allow the nurses to clean the wound, which I cannot do myself because I may not do it properly. During this first week, the doctor constantly removed the blood drainage line.

After the first month, the bruises were not fully gone.  You could see some of it on my abdomen.


Then I eat what was required of me and also took care of it the way the doctor told me to.

After 2 months there were a lot of changes from the bruises.  It was gently fading away.  As the bruises went away, I began to see more of the shape of the six pack, and this to me was a good sign because it was what I wanted. Though I had to wait for the bruises to completely fade away to see more of the six-pack.

Criticisms I faced

Some might be wondering or are blaming me on why I had to go for surgery instead of exercising. Why must I rely on surgery all the time?  I’ll tell you what: It is not easy to get your desired body when you were obese as a child.

I was once obese and I tell you that the experience can cause part of your body to collapse even though you don’t wish for it.  Many people are lucky enough to have fat which easily burns off when the exercise, some of us, unfortunately, are not that lucky.

For me, I choose surgery to get a quick six pack but that does not mean that I don’t still exercise.  I still do because the body needs to be active and muscles to be in shape.  You just have to find what works best for you and put it to use.

My advice to those interested

 My advice to those who want to have six packs through liposuction surgery is that if you are interested in it, go for it.

It’s not impossible to achieve if someone like me, who was once obese and had this kind of body structure,  could achieve it then anyone can. Don’t let anyone hold you back.

For me, now I’m free to open my shirt or even go shirtless because there is no more stomach fat which was standing in my way.

Are you confused about how to start or don’t know which part that really works?  Let your doctor decide for you and take care of you. Doctors in Masterpiece hospital are understanding and welcoming. I have been there before and I can say so many good things about them.
They will make you more confident and happy. And in addition, the surgery is really worth it. Know that whatever money you are putting into is exactly worth what you will be getting in return.

Six Pack Liposuction
Six Pack Liposuction