Getting back my original shape and stomach after childbirth

shape stomach after childbirth

Hi, all, although I want to share my story about liposuction,
I do it anonymously, so please permit me to do it this way. I do it

Childbirth is beautiful. It’s the greatest gift of motherhood, and as a mother,  there is nothing more joyous than having your own child.

It’s the dream of a lot of woman to give birth to a child that they will give all the love and care and who will also call them mum.  There is nothing as satisfying as tha, take it from a mum!. Motherhood is a blessing. However, I have come to realize that a particular general problem most women have after giving birth or after childbirth, is having a fat stomach.

For better understanding, the visceral fat is the fat that wraps and builds around your internal organs in the abdomen. While the  Subcutaneous fat is the ‘skin deep’ layer of abdomen fat we can see and is it what we refer to when we complain about our belly fat. The latter is the problem most women face after they give birth.

 One thing is for sure though: both are not healthy for the human body.

There are so many things that contribute to belly fat.  Genetics plays a huge role in this, some ladies or women have a lesser disposition to fat in the stomach compared to others, leading to a small amount of fat in the belly of the former. This could be a result of their genes.

Hormonal imbalance can also contribute to belly fat in some women. It has been found that certain hormones have a great effect on weight gain and fat storage.

For women, in particular, an unstable level of estrogen during pregnancy can contribute to significant fat gain on the belly and thighs.

Also, stress during the pregnancy can cause hormonal imbalance known as cortisol which leads to belly fat.

 I over indulged myself with food during pregnancy, and it’s not unusual in a woman  to have increased hunger during pregnancy. In fact this is normal because they are basically eating for two. 

This increased hunger and always having the urge to eat also contributes to belly fat after pregnancy.  We can’t say that because we don’t want to get fat after pregnancy, we ought to starve our unborn child. Each woman’s case is always different though and causes vary.

Meeting me

I would like to share with you on how I got rid of my belly fat post pregnancy Masterpiece hospital way. The reason why I’m doing this is that I feel so happy about the outcome of the surgery and I also wanted it to be beneficial to others out there who are interested in it and who want to get rid of their post-pregnancy belly fat.

I’m a mother of one who just had my first child.  After my pregnancy, I had the usual issue which most women have experienced after birth: belly fat.  I was very much concerned about this since I had just the one child and my belly had an excessive amount of fat in it.  It gave me much concern because I kept wondering “if I have my second child what will my belly then look like?”

The doctor’s usual advice during pregnancy is that the stomach is too fragile and I should be careful about adding excessive weight but the truth is it’s quite hard to be pregnant and not get fat. Not unless you starve yourself, which is not only dangerous for you and your baby, neither does the doctor recommend this.

I still really wanted to look shapely after my pregnancy, and I couldn’t keep giving the excuse that the reason I had a fat stomach was because I just had my first child.

In a bid to get rid of fat stored in my stomach, I started exercising. It was tough, it wasn’t easy but I kept pushing on because I really wanted my belly back in shape like the way it was before I got pregnant.

Most people might say that is not possible to have that same flat stomach you had before you gave birth, but I say that’s wrong, because whatever you put your mind to, you can certainly achieve.  I was determined to get rid of that fat and I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Being concerned about my problem I confided in my friends about desiring to get rid of this annoying belly fat. They assured me that the belly fat will go on its own as time goes on. They kept saying that the belly will reduce on its own because raising a child as a mother is not easy, it’s quite tiring to raise a child, and that alone will prompt a weight loss in the belly.  They also said that attending parties and outdoor events can also make the fat go away, but the truth is, most days are stressful anyway, and I didn’t see how more of those could cause weight loss. Every one of them gave advice according to what works for them but it wasn’t working for me! I decided to seek a solution at Masterpiece hospital.

Going to Masterpiece hospital

I choose to consult the masterpiece hospital to solve my problem because they have a great reputation for solving problems like this.  That very day, I made up my mind and booked an appointment. Then I headed over to the hospital where I met my doctor, Dr. Chakrit.

I explained to him what my problems and my concerns were, and he listened very keenly to me.  He asked for details and information from me in return, which I equally provided accurately.  He was such a concerned and understanding man.


The doctor then made a suggestion about the kind of treatment for me, which was Belly Liposuction. He showed me reviews from a past patient who had done a similar procedure like mine and they were quite encouraging and comforting.  Feeling convinced and satisfied with what I saw, I asked about the price of this treatment which he also told me.  Then we started the surgery.

During the surgery

Having the surgery, the surprising thing about it all was that it wasn’t painful in any way!
I hadn’t expected it to be this way as I was thinking that it might be quite painful. Instead, it felt okay really.

 And moreover, I was glad to have a considerate and understanding doctor who did the surgery on me.  Also, the nurse was cute and caring.  She was always looking after me and checking to know if I was uncomfortable or not.


After surgery, the doctor instructed me to put on a supporting garment or harness, which I did. According to him, the garment was to provide support while the skin healed and prevent sagging. He said the garment must be worn for one month all the time. The truth is that it was quite uncomfortable then but it is truly worth the effort and the patience.

After about 1 month I was truly happy about the results.  Looking at the picture you could see that the belly has reduced.  I really feel happy that the liposuction was a huge success and the money wasted and it wasn’t in vain.

 For some people looking at my before and after picture, you may feel that part of my stomach may seem bloated even after suction.

Before After

The doctor said I can still suck more of the belly if I want to, but I should note that my skin may sag or wither. So I feel my belly is perfect the way it is.

Before After

For those interested

I want to tell you that it is possible to get rid of unwanted belly fat after pregnancy. The Masterpiece hospital can help you out with it. I am recommending them because I’m quite happy with my results. For those who have any extra questions or need good advice from their doctors directly, you can make an appointment with them. They are always ready to help. But you should bear in mind that liposuction is not weight loss or weight management.  You still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising. 

Before After