How Namon Permanently Lost Her Face Fat through Masterpiece Hospital Facial Liposuction


The human face is one of the most important parts of the body. It is what many people view of you when you first encounter them. This is because the face says a lot when you communicate with people. It holds different expressions such as sorrow, happiness confusion or disapproval. You can tell a lot about a person just from their face. It’s okay to have this mindset because our faces, most of the time, are linked to the current state of our bodies and minds states. This also plays a role in forming our personality.

It is surprising to know that many people judge the kind of lifestyle a person is living through their external body features and this includes the face.  If one is not maintaining good health and hygienic routines, your face will reveal it all. This is why it is best for one’s face to be in its best state all the time.

It is also quite noticeable that the face is the first part of the body that shows signs of aging more quickly than the others, and face fat is one of the things that contribute to face sagging and wrinkles. This makes a lady look older than her normal age. 

Namon’s Story

Before Facial Liposuction

Namon is a young lady who loves taking pictures. People close to her can attest to this and it’s simply because she finds it fun to do so and also enjoys it. I mean, who doesn’t like taking pictures… lol.

When Namon takes pictures, she loves to make sure her face looks perfect in it. That is because it’s the face that many people look at when they first look at your pictures. This includes when they see you physically just like stated before and above. However, one problem she did have with her face is that it had quite a noticeable amount of stubborn face fat. This face fat was not on her face because she was fat in other parts of her body. It was just specifically on her face and it was annoying to her because she’s quite a slim lady. Nevertheless, the fact that her face had overhanging flesh that looks like a bird’s wattle, and which did not match other parts of her body, was quite disturbing.

Also, this piece of unattractive extra flesh foiled her many times when she tried to take a perfect selfie. She would struggle to find a perfect angle in order to get a perfect picture. Many times this did not turn out so well.

Trying Botox Injections and fat Injections

Trying to lose this excess fat on her face, Namon began to look for a solution all over the internet. She saw many methods which weren’t even that effective, and some which were somewhat misleading.  This is how she describes it:

“I came across Botox injections. It was okay in its own way but it never lasted. With Botox injection, I didn’t even see results right away but only saw the needed changes 7-10 days after injecting. Another thing is that it doesn’t last. After 3 to 4 months of injecting it, my face fat returned. “

So, Namon was determined to try something new. She came across other injection therapies to deal with face fat. She also decided to give these a try; after all, there was no harm in trying. With these therapies, such as Mesotherapy, she was also disappointed just like the way she was with the Botox injection.

“I had to visit the doctor several times to take several doses of the Meso injections. And in the end, it didn’t last. Namon’s face fat came back after some time. She was quite disappointed with the two because she was actually losing money. This was not how she intended her life to work out.

Namon’s First Encounter with Masterpiece Hospital

Fed up with both Botox Injection and Meso injections (Meso therapy), Namon had to find a permanent solution to her face problem. She needed something that would last, not just something that would require her to keep repeating the treatment after some months.

“I started researching just like I did when I found out about Botox and Meso.”

This time, she had a permanent solution in mind. During her research, she had found out that there are surgical ways to get rid of face fat. The one she became interested in was using liposuction to get rid of her face fat.

After reading up on places where this could be done,  she  decided to go with Masterpiece Hospital.

“The hospital has a famous reputation for handling issues like mine,” Namon says now.

On getting to the hospital on the day of her first consultation; the first impressions that came vibrantly to her was a feeling of being welcomed and friendliness. The hospital staff was quite cheerful and encouraging. Also the hospital looked clean, efficient and very safe. All these were a huge plus to her, as she felt it meant she could trust Masterpiece Hospital with her face. This gave her a feeling of calm and a state of belonging, as this simple facts and gestures could reveal a lot about any medical establishment. Namon let go of any lingering doubts she had about their expertise.

Meeting Her Doctor

When Namon met the doctor who would be performing the surgery on her, he turned out to be very nice and understanding.

“I am someone who loves to ask a lot of questions.” Namon asked her doctor every question she  needed to know the answers of, and he was quite patient with her. He answered her professionally without a single complaint.

She told him exactly what she wanted out of the procedure and he listened to every bit of her expectations. He gave his professional advice and assured her that her problem could be fixed exactly the way she had always wanted it to be. This demonstration of efficiency relieved her of all her worries which were sort of bothering her then. It gave her hope that there would indeed be a permanent solution to getting rid of her face fat. So then, she could look forward to having her dream face soon.

During the Procedure

The surprising thing about the surgery was that it wasn’t painful at all. She was actually thinking that it would be but it wasn’t.  It took a short time surprisingly, about 30 minutes, to perform. “That was truly quick I must confess,” Namon said afterward.

After the surgery, the doctor recommended that the back of the neck should be supported for more pointiness and lift. According to him this was best for her facein order to support its new feature. She immediately got the support harness. It was available for sale at the hospital.

He also advised her to wear it often to aid quick healing and also to encourage a thinner and more precise look for her face. This was exactly what she had been looking for; she didn’t hesitate to put it on as instructed.

After the First week

During the first week after the treatment, she was told to refrain from eating spicy foods as well as hot food because things were still in quite a fragile state. The area where the doctor sucked the fat out was quite fragile because the said area is near her mouth. So for this period, spicy or hot food should be avoided.

This was a little sacrifice compared to what she really wanted and Namon was happy to obey. Her wishes were being achieved.

Also, the doctor recommended that she could use mouthwash instead of the traditional toothbrush to care for her  mouth and maintain oral hygiene.  

“It wasn’t that bad though. I did it for like two months and I tell you, there was nothing wrong with it.


So far these little simple things that I avoided were going to give me the ‘fat- free face’ I  have always wanted. To take the pictures I have always loved to take without restriction, it was worth it.  And again, the result of the treatment was slowly becoming visible.”

Signing off

“I feel totally lucky for coming to Masterpiece Hospital. I’m so glad that I made the decision in looking for a permanent solution to get rid of my chin fat once and for all.


If I had kept on injecting Botox and Meso injections and thinking it was okay, I  won’t have been free like this.”

With help from Masterpiece Hospital and their kind doctors, Namon can now take a lovely picture anytime, anywhere. No more trying to find the perfect angle to snap the photos she always dreamed of. The stress was over!


In Namon’s view, the money she spent in getting the treatment is definitely worth it. If you enjoy perfect pictures like she does or wants to get the perfect face for pictures without face defects, then you should come to Masterpiece Hospital for facial liposuction. You shouldn’t hesitate.


“I tell you, it is more durable and quite cheaper than Mesotherapy and Botox injection many times because it is permanent. I am satisfied.”