I Lost my arms fat and gained back my confidence

Arms Liposuction

This is my arms… before I decided to undergo Arms Vaser Liposuction

Before undergo Arms Vaser Liposuction

You may have the perfect body structure yet have a flabby arm or upper arm.  I know because that was my story.

These heavy arms can prevent you from being totally confident about your body. For some people who hardly add weight in their bodies, the increase in weight may not show in every part of their body but specifically on their arms.

This can generate excessive body consciousness because it can be distressing how the other parts of your body will be in their normal shape yet your arms seem to fall apart. 

Your skin around your arms increases and if you are the type that has an inconsistent body weight there is a higher chance that the skin on your arms will begin to sag.

An increase in your arm does not only encourage skin sagging around the affected area, but it also comes in with cellulite and stretch marks.  This will not look pleasant because it’s an excessive blemish on your skin.

Moreover with the presence of stretch marks and uneven cellulite, one cannot freely put on any outfits of choice without being worried about people staring at your uneven body structure.

I’m not saying that people should not be confident with anybody structure or physique that they are born with or have, but all I’m trying to say is that if you want to be confident about your skin and having to worry less about clothes you need to wear, you have to take care of your skin and taking care of your skin also means getting rid of unwanted fats that develop or stores in your body.

Day 1 After Arms Vaser Liposuction
Day 1 After Arms Vaser Liposuction

People may be disregarding it but the truth still remains that body shaming has been growing in our society, and even those who practice it keep denying that they are not doing this. 

So in other not to be body-shamed and less confident, one needs to find a solution to whichever problems arise on their bodies.  As a woman, taking care of your body is among the things that shouldn’t be overlooked.

There are major muscles in the arms which include the deltoids, biceps, and triceps. If you are not seeing these muscles or a bit of it on your upper hand, then there are great chances that you have flabby arms which comprise of quantities of fat. 

The jiggling when we raise our arms or when we have to say goodbye to some is what most women out there don’t want.

Come to think of it having this kind of arm makes you look way older than your normal age. Who wants to look like their mum when they still in their 20’s or 30’s.

Moreover, there are a lot of women out there with a toned and a well-defined upper arm that are in their 50s or even approaching their old age, yet they have toned arms. If these women can achieve it what is preventing a younger generation?

There are many ways to lose flabby arms through exercises. For some women, who are tenacious and have found their strength, this is a good system. They can indulge in daily or three-four times weekly exercises to lose their arm fat.

Others, depending on personal choice, may choose to get rid of their arms fats through surgery. Either way one choses to do it, the very purpose is that we get rid of all excess fat in the arm.  Also, the fact that I keep on mentioning women does not mean that this ‘fat arm loss technique’ is only limited to women. The men can also engage with this too with great results.

How I chose to get rid of my flabby arms

Day 3 After Arms Vaser Liposuction
Day 3 After Arms Vaser Liposuction

Like I said, depending on choice, many can choose to get rid of fat in their arms via physical efforts or by going the surgery way. This usually means liposuction surgery is performed on the person.

This process describes a situation where the fats in your arms are ‘sucked off’. You will practically see the fats that were removed in a ‘fat tank’ after the procedure. 

For me, I decided to get rid of my flabby arms through liposuction cause I find exercise (which can also be effective) to be tedious, and with a prolonged period before one starts seeing any good results.

I was confident about using the liposuction option and I’m not regretting that I did. I needed something quick and with good results. Liposuction gave me all that, and I’m am giving this review because it worked for me, and I want to share my experience.

Day 6 After Arms Vaser Liposuction
Day 6 After Arms Vaser Liposuction

Many will be wondering why I chose liposuction instead of opting for exercise. I’m among the class of people who you may label as not having much strength to exercise.

Talk about doing press-up!

It’s never as easy as it is described. Not that I never used to do it but I find it extremely hard.  I must say here though that liposuction always works better with exercise.

Though I sucked the fat off my arms through suction, I won’t just relax without being active. At least simple exercises will always be part of my routine. If you tend to relax too much without the physical activity of some kind, there are chances that the fat will grow back.

Remember the body needs to be active to function properly.

Day 30 After Arms Vaser Liposuction
Day 30 After Arms Vaser Liposuction

Moreover, I chose to have liposuction because I want to be fit for the Songkran Festival (for those who don’t know, the Songkran is the Thai New Year’s national holiday which happens each year.) 

This holiday celebration is an anticipated one and everyone needs to look their best. You don’t want to show up looking shoddy with large, overweight arms.

Songkran Festival
Songkran Festival

Also, Summer is fast approaching and I don’t want to be denied the liberty of showing off my beautiful arms and slender body. I want to freely wear my sleeveless shirt and gowns without being overly conscious about others staring at me.

I also want to get a chance to wear all my lovely dresses, which were been folded into the cabinet for a long time now.

Meeting Masterpiece Hospital

Masterpiece Hospital
Masterpiece Hospital

After making my decision on how I chose to reduce the arms, I began to research on the best hospital out there that is good at liposuction. The search wasn’t easy but I kept on searching till I finally found Masterpiece hospital.

The hospital was reputed for conducting this type of cosmetic surgeries.  After I had seen reviews from previous clients who had done a similar surgery to the one I intended to do, I got to know that it was not as scary as I thought it was. I read and researched more about the hospital: many talked about how nice and encouraging their doctors were.

The only thing a lot of people mentioned were the bruises that occurred after surgery, which also do not take too long to go away, though this is largely dependent on the individual.

Being satisfied with what I read, I proceeded to do the surgery. It went as well as I had been told. I also experienced the bruises but not as much as others, and I asked myself: “if others could suffer this little for beauty, why can’t I?”

The Doctor who sucked my arm fat, Dr. Ton (Chanakorn) at the Masterpiece Clinic (now Hospital) was very nice.

He attended to me with care and explained every detail of the procedure to me; I was quite pleased with this.

He told me there was a possibility of swelling on the first day and I was required to wear the ‘arm swaddle’ given to me to tighten it, and with time, the swellings would go down and my arms would become slimmer.

I did as I was instructed and everything came out quite well.

The nurse and staff of the hospital were also nice to me and other patients, as they took care of us well.

I decided to put in the money to solve my arms issue problem once and for all.  I’m not regretting that I did. I got what I paid for.

Arms Liposuction
My Arms Vaser Liposuction Amazing Results!

If you intend to suck the fat in your arms, Masterpiece Hospital is your go-to-place for it. Don’t let anything stand in your way of being beautiful and confident.

For more information, Please feel free to contact Masterpiece Hospital