Post-Surgery: Aftercare for body VASER Liposuction

post surgery liposuction

VASER Liposuction  Post-Operative Instructions

Taking care of yourself after the VASER liposuction surgery is every bit as important as the period before the surgery or during the procedure itself. Remember that in order to avoid permanent scarring and a fast recovery, your Doctor’s instructions are not to be trifled with. You must endeavor to speed up your recovery process by doing everything you are told. These are some general guidelines for after-surgery care of VASER liposuction:

1.Some patients experience a degree of nausea and/or vomiting in the immediate 24 hours post-surgery. You must notify your Doctor if you are still throwing up after 24 hours.


2. If your procedure was done under general anesthesia, the Doctor may require you to spend the night in the hospital. If you only had a local anesthetic agent, however, you may be allowed to leave after 30 minutes to 2 hours of observation.

3. Expect some pain and discomfort after the procedure. Due to the fact that VASER technique introduces an anesthetic agent directly into the area, your pain levels will be lower compared to traditional liposuction methods. Consult your Doctor on the use of any pain alleviating medication.

4. You may need to take time off work for 3-4 days or more immediately after surgery depending on the individual. If you plan your VASER procedure to coincide with your vacation it would help you a great deal.

5. It is possible to handle the cleaning of your incisions yourself or have a close friend do it for you. You can do this with a cotton ball/ pad soaked in a saline solution or any antiseptic of choice. Then you may apply betadine over the incision and cover it with a piece of gauze or plaster.

6. Some bruising is normal for this procedure, leading to general soreness in your body. This could make normal house chores a bit challenging. This might be the right time to have that special friend stay over for a few days to help you cope. Also, a friend is useful to talk to at this time when you might have some swings in mood.

7. A compression garment, body harness, or thick bandage is essential for you to wear for at least 6 weeks after VASER Liposuction. Some Doctors recommend you wear it for 8 weeks or longer if you can. This support for your physique will help you harness the full benefits of the procedure, and also result in less pain. The initial bandages will usually come off within 1-2 days of the procedure and be replaced with a harness of some sort.

8. It is normal to have some lymphatic drainage massage in the immediate 2 weeks following your surgery. Again listen to your Doctor about this and act accordingly. You do not need to be scared as the worst is over, and you only need to look forward to a short recovery period.

9. The swelling and bruising accompanying liposuction is normal and does not need to change your daily routine. However, you may still benefit from avoiding any overly strenuous activity in the immediate weeks post-surgery, at least until you no longer feel sore all over. Don’t be too ambitious. Take it one step at a time.

10. Remember to watch your eating and general lifestyle if you want to keep your new look. This also includes drinking and maybe smoking habits. Moderation if not total abstinence is the key.

11. The tightness of the skin is fairly normal, though it differs in degree from patient to patient. The effects should start lessening after about a month, however, you may still feel the effects even 6 months later. This is no cause for worry.

12. Your incisions will exude minimal liquids and some bleeding after the surgery. You will need to see your doctor immediately if this does not totally cease in 4 days. Also if your swelling and bruising increase rather than reduce after 4 days, it is a cause for grave concern. The Doctor should be notified at once.

13. It is also normal to feel swelling beneath the skin even though your incisions are closed up and dry. The swellings will gradually decrease between 3-6 months. Radiotherapy can commence 1 month after VASER LIPOSUCTION surgery.

14. After effects of the VASER Liposuction include a visible change in the shape and contour of the treated parts of your body. In some patients this is visible almost immediately after surgery; however, others may have to wait until the swelling reduces before they observe significant differences. You don’t need to panic if you don’t see changes immediately. Also, skin elasticity, tone, and firmness should take the same time to return to normal limits.

15. It is important you keep your incisions as dry as possible to avoid fresh infection of the wound. When swimming or showering, use some sort of waterproof dressing to avoid the incisions getting wet. Your incisions should be totally healed in 1 week. You may then begin a gentle massage of the affected areas and the areas underneath. During this time you may also undergo some lymphatic draining massages.

no smoking and alcohol after Liposuction

16. Be careful that you do not drink alcohol or smoke for at least 4 weeks post-surgery. Keep in touch with your Doctor and wait till he gives you the all clear. Tobacco products and alcohol can severely diminish all the benefits you have accrued through the procedure and even endanger your health.

liposuction consultation with doctor

17. Ask your Doctor when you can safely go back to any medication you might have been taking before the procedure. Also, remember that all pain alleviating medication must be approved by the Doctor.

18. Don’t forget to follow up appointments with your Doctor to monitor your healing process. Be free to ask any questions or issues bothering you.